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Motorized Window Coverings

Sensor Shade

Motorization helps your blinds, shades and draperies last longer because the manual pulling and tugging goes away and so does the associated wear and tear. What’s more, SOMFY’s unique motorization system eliminates cord tangling and overlap to provide the smoothest and most uniform movement of your shades and blinds… and you know how frustrating it is to pull the cord of a manual blind or shade and have it roll up or down in an uneven manner.

Somfy Interior Window Treatments

Imagine pushing a button or flipping a switch and watching as your fashionable horizontal blinds, shades, solar screens or draperies roll up and down or open and close to conveniently provide shade from the sun, privacy when you want it, or allow light to enter as you wish.


Sensor Shade Motorization for Designer Shadings

Affordable automation is now available for your Designer Shadings. With Sensor Shade, you can open or close your shadings without getting up from your easy chair, sofa or bed.


Sensor Shade Motorization for 2″ Horizontal Blinds

Our Sensor Shade automatic model for 2″ Horizontal Blinds. Operate your 2″ blinds with the touch of a button.