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Sheer Shades

Comfortex Shangri-La

Hunter Douglas Silhouette™ Sheer Shades

Silhouette window shadings provide the light control of a blind, the operation of a shade, and the softness of a curtain in one efficient design. The delicate, adjustable fabric vanes are hung between two sheer fabric facings, extending the boundaries of traditional shades with a vast range of light filtration. When completely open, the view of the outside world is unobtrusive. When partially to completely closed, there is a softly diffused glow with prismatic translucency. When raised, the entire shading is hidden behind the sleek head rail.


Style is the element that ties a room together. It provides character and a certain “look.” The endless play of light and shadow in your home reflects your personality and style. This is why each room should begin with Silhouette window shadings. They offer a backdrop of elegance. And they do so while providing extreme advancements in light control.


Comfortex Shangri-La™ Sheer Shades

Shangri-La is top notch in charm, design and performance. Shangri-La offers the same light control of horizontal blinds and the beauty of sheer fabric. With Shangri-La you get the combination of an open window and an open shade, without having to choose between the two. Shangri-La’s Omni-View™ cord system provides you with full motion, full flexibility and full views in every position. Shangri-La’s Sheer adaptability makes it a great window treatment.


As light streams in through the semi-opaque sheer fabric, watch your world become softened with Shangri-La. Adjustable fabric vanes can be opened or closed, depending on your mood or preference.