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Woodlore Custom Shutters

Custom Vinyl Shutters

Our vinyl shutters are maintenance free, and are designed to fit your windows and their surroundings. Our shutters are extremely durable; they won’t fade, chip, dent, crack, peel or warp like wood shutters. They’re also moisture resistant, which makes them perfect for kitchens, bathrooms, and saunas. In addition, they provide superior insulation, which keeps rooms cool in the summer and warm in the winter. This feature will also help keep energy bills low.

Custom Vinyl Shutters

For centuries, louvred plantation style shutters have been popular for decorative and versatile window coverings, doorways and room dividers. However, they have always been constructed of expensive timber, making them difficult to keep clean. This construction also requires regular painting because they are very sensitive to the elements, particularly sun and moisture. You can have the elegance and style of these shutters without the hassle – and these shutters are “maintenance free”.


Custom Wood Alloy Shutters

Woodwinds Plantation Shutters use louvers and frames, both of a completely modern composition. Woodwinds Plantation Shutters are designed with a patented blend of 100% American hardwood and strong thermal polymers. The panels and frames are able to resist temperature fluctuations, extreme humidity and intense ultraviolet light.

Woodwinds Plantation Shutters™

Woodwinds Plantation Shutters are a great long-term choice because they retain their original appearance throughout their lifetime. Louvers will not warp or crack and the frames will remain true. This durability makes Woodwinds Plantation Shutters perfect for kitchens and bathrooms where other window treatments may deteriorate due to the harsh factors of the environment.


Custom Wood Shutters

Plantation Shutters are the ultimate window treatment. Window Shutters are a great choice for blocking out the sun’s rays during the summer and keeping your home warmer in the winter. Their effectiveness will even gain attention from neighbors and guests.

Plantation Wood Shutters

Our custom wood shutters are the best in fine window furnishings. No matter the shape, size or the room decor, Plantation Shutters provide grace and charm, and appeal to even the most discriminating tastes!