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Vertical Blinds

Hunter Douglas Millenia® Vertical Blinds

Product Overview

The Hunter Douglas Millenia® Collection is a custom vertical blind collection that combines beauty, easy maintenance and superior light control with an extensive variety of textures, colors and patterns. Vertical blinds are great for any size window, French doors, patio doors and bay windows® practically anywhere in your home. Our vertical blinds provide the light control you need to create any setting and mood you desire.

The best way to top Hunter Douglas vertical blinds is with the Paramount® contoured headrail system, the latest innovation from Hunter Douglas. The curved, contoured channel design of the Paramount® headrail establishes a beautiful finished look that typicalheadrails can’t match. With Paramount®, the headrail becomes an essential part of the overall design. The result is long-awaited innovation. The world’s first complete vertical blind system that is elegant and flawless from top to bottom. Only provided by Hunter Douglas.

Available in SoftSuede

• Combines the strength of metal with the soft elegant look of suede
• Eight colors

The new SoftSuede® finish is only available on the Paramount® contoured headrail system. It combines the strength of metal and the sophisticated look and feel of suede.

Combination of Form and Function

• Better light management
• Quieter operation
• More fluent traversing
• Narrower stacking
• Exceptional durability

Improved Light Control

• More vane overlap for tighter closure
• 30% more privacy
• Consistent, equal vane spacing
• Contoured channel design reduces light gap

Quieter Operation

• Patented metal and plastic link system

Narrower Stacking

• Slim-line carrier body

Smoother, Easier Traversing

• Graphite self-lubricating wheels

Redesigned Carrier System

• 94% more carrier strength
• 100% Lexan stems for maximum lifespan

Vane Alignment

• Patented PermAlign® feature
• Flawless vane alignment
• Synchronized rotation
• Guaranteed to stay aligned …permanently
• 114% better vane alignment

Light Control

Vertical blinds rotate 180º allowing you to have a view without the direct, blinding rays of the sun. Verticals also traverse to the side like draperies for a full view.

Temperature Control

Due to their versatility in light control, verticals aid in lowering energy costs in summer and winter alike. The use of groover inserts can amplify your energy savings even more.


Nothing compares to the true beauty of sunlight as it gently filters through one of the many available light-filtering fabrics. This also reduces glare and provides general privacy.


These products can reduce the amount of light entering the room and creates s semi-darkened room. A few fabrics, some with a laminated backing, provide complete room-darkening and provide privacy for spaces such as bedroom and bath.

Special Groover Insert Applications

The groover is a vinyl vertical louver with channels on both edges. This allows you to slip in vertical fabric to cover one side. Specifying a groover insert will give you the elegance of a fabric surface with added elements of room-darkening and temperature control.

PermAlign® Track System

The PermAlign® Track System is available on select Hunter Douglas vertical blind systems and is guaranteed to remain synchronized for life for trouble-free operation.

Paramount® Contoured Headrail System

This premium headrailis a combination of durability and performance offering a beautiful and uniquely shaped headrail system. It is available on all Millenia® products in Ivory Whisper or your choice of eight SoftSuede® colors.


If you want the look and feel of suede, the Paramount® headrail provides it, and is available in eight SoftSuede® colors. SoftSuede® offers the strength of metal and the soft, elegant look and feel of suede into a unique finish.

PermaTilt® Wand Control System for Paramount® Track System

ThePermaTilt® Wand Control system is new from Hunter Douglas and is an innovative, easy-to-use wand and cord combination that is used to move and rotate vanes.

PermAssure® Safety Wand Control System for PermAlign® Track System

This system totally replaces the chain and cord with one easy-to-use wand, now available in 30″ and 60″ lengths. Choose from either ivory or white. This system will easily operate on track up to 193″ in width.

Motorized Tilt-Only System for PermAlign® Track System

This is a powerful, appealing and dependable tilt control system that is available with either an infrared remote control or a table or wall-mounted control.